Thursday, June 16, 2011

A midnight update~

Another long night for me to spend in front of the monitor screen.
Recently i find it hard for me to get into sleep for no reason.
Lying on the bed with my eyes close, trying to get into a sweet sweet dream,
but too bad i cant get into sleep. Still cannot sleep =(
Wtf i had suffer from insomnia.
No doubt about it. But why?? I have no idea @.@
So i will spend the free time to update my spider web blog x)

Tomorrow i am not going to school.
My a few lovely classmates have decided to skip the school.
Because tomorrow subject really GG
3 period of chemistry and 2 period of physics.
And i think if i am going to school i will spend the time to sleep
Its a shameful thing to sleep in class because almost all my classmates spend their free time to read books or do exercises.
So i think it is time for me to get up and work hard haha =)
I will prove that i am a person that can score a god result.
Nothing is impossible right !!

Its time for me to sleep i think...
Thanks for viewing x))
Good night and Bye Bye

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday again :)

Today i woke up at 7 something although if friday
I went for a swim after some long times
I expect that many ppl will heading there too
But i have guess it wrongly
Only 4 lovely non-plane kaki appear in front of me haha x)
Maybe i have not exercise for a long time and a swim can really kill me
My muscle !! Are driving me insane its hurt its sour x(
I straight went to sleep after came back from swimming
It was too for me haha

After that i went for a movie with some guys
Most of us are form6 kaki haha
We watched pirates of carribean 4 by johnny deep
Its a good movie indeed although most of the old characters are not inside the movie
And johnny deep is a truly good actor
He can handle the characters well enough !!
And i wonder why jack sparrow always able to escape from been caught haha
I think the creator will continue to release pirates 5
So i will wait it release !! Haha johnny deep/jack sparrow are my idol

Tomorrow morning gonna wake up early again x(
Not for swimming but going tuition TT
Stupid tuition stupid physics
But no choice force to go
Or else i wont catch up with the syllabus
So have to sleep early tonight
Good night~  :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Form 6 TT

I had made a big big decision
I choose to study form 6 and not college
It drives me crazy haha sad die TT
And it means that i have to stay at alor star this small town for 2 more years
I will leave at year 2013 but 2012 will be end of the world
I wonder i will have any chance to step out form this little small town
Go outside to see how big this world are
Study form 6 will be challenging for me
But should i take science stream?? Or art stream??
Science stream its a lot tougher than art stream
Spm has 2 years to prepare and it already makes me half dead d
And stpm only have 1 and a half year maybe it will makes me dead terus haha
Tonight i had started my first form 6 tuition
I shocked when saw a lot of friends taking form 6 too
I am glad that still got people accompany me
What i hope is i can enjoy my last 2 school years
I want a happy 2 years with new environment and friends